Terms and Conditions

Guest making the reservation must also occupy the unit during the entire lodging period. Guest must be a financially responsible adult employed full time for a minimum of two years. Misrepresentation of any fact regarding the reservation and above statement will result in cancellation and forfeiture of funds received.

General Terms and Conditions:

PREMISES/DURATION/RATE: Holiday Real Estate, Inc. (Agent) shall provide lodging in Ocean City, MD or Fenwick Island, DE, to the Guest, at the premises for the period and at the rate identified in this agreement. Buildings/home owners associations may charge a fee for registration, activities, and/or parking. These are in addition to the lodging rate and are the Guest's responsibility. Holiday Real Estate, Inc. has no authority or control over these fees. Check-in time is 3:00 p.m.; check-out time is 10:00 a.m. Cleaning and maintenance may not be completed until 6 p.m. Guest is solely responsible for premise selection. If Guest chooses not to inspect the premises prior to paying the deposit, Guest agrees to accept the unit as is upon check-in. Guest may not reenter the premises to shower, change clothes, pack, etc. after check-out. All personal items belonging to Guest must be removed from the premises prior to check-out including boat trailers and other vehicles parked on the parking lot.  Guest shall vacate the premises at the end of the term unless sooner requested to vacate due to violation of restrictions set forth below. Agent may enter the premises for repair or inspection at the Agent's discretion. Guest may renew lodging for the same time period next year by completing a tentative reservation form subject to premises availability and rates.

SECURITY DEPOSIT/LINENS: Guest shall pay a security deposit or damage waiver fee as shown above.  Keys, pool tags, parking permits and other returnable items shall be returned to Holiday by 10:00 a.m. on check-out day.  If Guest fails to check out or checks out after 10:00 a.m. on the check-out day, Guest authorizes Agent to charge the credit card on file a $50 late check out fee plus $50 for each 30 minutes Guest is late. Additional charges may apply. Agent charges a security deposit it shall be returned to Guest within forty-five (45) days of check-out unless Guest fails to return all keys, pool tags, parking permits, and other returnable items by 10:00 a.m. on check-out day, requires unnecessary service calls, damages the premises or incurs other charges under this Agreement. Agent does not provide lock-out service.  Guest must provide linens and paper products.

RULES/RESTRICTIONS: The premises must be occupied by the person/people, Guest, whose name(s) appear on the reservation and all occupants of the premises shall be supervised by Guest. Guest will be financially responsible for damage to the property, whether made by themselves, their family or their guests. Guest must be a financially responsible adult. Reservations obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of all monies and Guest may not be permitted to occupy the premises. Guest may not sell, assign, nor sublet all or any part of Guest's interests in this Agreement. Occupancy shall not exceed the number of persons specified for the premises. Identification of all occupants must be furnished upon request. The premises shall be used for residential purposes only.  No animals of any type shall be kept or permitted in the premises.  Occupants shall obey all state, county and municipal laws, ordinances, and regulations.  Occupants shall obey all rules and regulations pertaining to the premises.  It is the guest's responsibility to obtain a copy of the building rules and regulations. Failure to do so does not constitute an excuse for non-compliance.  Occupants shall not cause or allow activities on the premises to disturb neighbors. All appliances, equipment, plumbing and other fixtures shall be used carefully and for legitimate purposes only. No alterations, additions, or changes to the premises shall be made.  No barbecue type cooking on the premises, including balconies.  No alcoholic beverages exceeding 128 ounces per container permitted on premises.  No oversized vehicles on premises; some vehicles/trucks will not fit under parking garage.  Trailers prohibited on premises and streets.  Holiday Real Estate, Inc. has no control or management authority for the pools, pool operation, pool hours, elevators, on-site parking, trash or other building related matters.  Pool and amenities are not guaranteed.  Occupants shall not cause or allow loud or excessive noise, music or other sounds to be made in the premises.  Ocean City has adopted a Noise Control Ordinance that makes it unlawful to cause or permit noise levels which exceed those established by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene of the State of Maryland (COMAR 10.20.01). Upon notification that these noise levels have been exceeded as a result of activity on the premises, Guest shall vacate the premises. Ocean City has other noise ordinances, which are criminal offenses if violated.

DAMAGE/SECURITY: The premises shall be vacated at the end of the term in as good order and condition as the premises were in at the start of the term, reasonable wear and tear excepted.  Guest shall be liable for damage to the premises or any property therein.  Upon occupancy, Guest must give Agent a list of existing damage in the premises to avoid responsibility for same.  If Agent charges a security deposit: Guest may obtain a statement on the condition of the premises prior to the occupancy term; Guest may be present when Agent inspects the premises to determine if the premises were damaged during the Guest's occupancy; and Guest will be advised orally at check-out, or in writing within 45 days thereafter, if any of the deposit is being withheld for damage to the premises.  If Agent withholds any of the security deposit, Agent shall give Guest a written list of the damages claimed, together with a statement of the costs actually incurred.

LIMITED DAMAGE WAIVER: If guest paid a damage waiver the following terms and conditions apply: the Limited Damage Waiver is available for a one-time, non-refundable fee paid in lieu of a security deposit and protects the Guest from being charged for any accidental loss or damage that may occur during occupancy up to $1,500.00.  The Limited Damage Waiver option is not available after Guest has checked-in for their lodging. The Limited Damage Waiver does not cover damage or loss that is not disclosed. To avoid erroneous responsibility, Guest is required to immediately notify Agent of any damage to the premises upon check-in and arrival at the premises. Prior to, or immediately upon, vacating the premises, Guest must inform Agent if there have been any incidents of loss or damage that have occurred during the occupancy. The Limited Damage Waiver does not replace or negate Guest's responsibility for all persons lodging in or visiting the premises. It does not pay for any act of intentional or negligent destruction, pet damage, re-keying, property damage resulting from motorized vehicle or watercraft use, additional cleaning if the premises is left excessively dirty, or invoices associated with the lodging that may be presented subsequent to Guest's occupancy. The Limited Damage Waiver does not cover the Guest's belongings and personal property including theft of the same. The Limited Damage Waiver is offered, administered, and funded solely by Agent who is solely authorized to determine the nature, extent, and expense associated with any damage.

ORDER TO VACATE: Guest and all other occupants shall vacate the premises promptly upon order of Agent.  All occupants who refuse to vacate the premises at the end of the term or upon demand of Agent shall be considered trespassers and subject to arrest and prosecution as such.  Occupants who remain in the premises beyond the check-out time shall pay Agent $50 for the first hour (or portion thereof) and $100 per hour for each additional hour (or portion thereof) beyond check-out time.  Agent will charge Guest a $100 fee if an order to vacate is issued. No rental refund will be issued if Guest is ordered to vacate the premises.  Guest's/Occupant's property left in the premises after the premises are vacated may be disposed of by the Agent in any manner without liability.  Returned items require a minimum $65 handling fee plus shipping cost/fees.  Owner and Agent are not responsible for theft.

CANCELLATION & TRANSFER REFUND: Failure of Guest to pay Balance Due by due date shall authorize Agent to make the premises available for another Guest and retain all funds. All cancellations are charged 15% of the lodging rate. All transfers are charged a $50 transfer fee. Any cancellation within forty-five days of check-in must re-book at the full rate otherwise the entire payment is forfeited. Terms of agreement are in effect upon receipt of the initial payment. Signed agreement is not required for enforcement of cancellation policy. Agent reserves the right to cancel this agreement for good cause at any time, in which event Agent's liability, if any, shall be limited to funds received from Guest. Agent shall not be liable for any mechanical failures in the premises or appliances therein during the occupancy term; however, Agent shall take reasonable action to correct such failures. If guest has not checked-in within 24 hours of the arrival date, the reservation may be cancelled, and all rental monies forfeited. Agent may issue an order to vacate and/or modify this agreement without refund to Guest if Guest intentionally damages the premises or common areas, fails to comply with any provision of the agreement, or Guest is objectionable or presents a reasonable risk of hazard to the property or the neighbors at Agent's sole discretion. No refunds will be given for mechanical failures. Basic cable TV service provides limited channel selection. Phone, internet and cable service are not guaranteed. Guest's misrepresentation of any fact in connection with this agreement shall entitle Agent to cancel same and retain all funds.  No refunds will be given for unavailability of a common amenity including but not limited to swimming pools. No refunds will be given for inclement weather including but not limited to hurricanes. Cancellation of a Guest planned event or activity in the area is not grounds for an exception to the cancellation policy. Travel insurance premiums are not refundable. In the event of a national emergency Agent reserves the right to alter the cancellation policy without notice to Guest.

LEGAL ACTION: If Guest breaches this agreement, Guest shall be obligated to reimburse Agent or the owner of the premises for all costs, including reasonable attorney's and collection fees, of all action reasonably necessary to protect the Agent's or owner's interests hereunder. The parties agree that any litigation involving this agreement or Guest's occupancy of the premises may be maintained in Worcester County, Maryland, and Guest waives any venue objection he may otherwise have. Agent may pursue guest's unfulfilled financial obligations through a collection agency. $35.00 fee charged for returned checks. This Agreement shall be construed under and governed by the laws of the state of Maryland.

AGENCY/FUNDS: Holiday Real Estate, Inc. is the agent of the owner of the premises, and it has no liability for the condition of the premises or other matters within the owner's control.  All funds received by Agent shall be disbursed in accordance with its agreement with the owner.  Agent shall not be obligated to deposit any funds in a trust, escrow or other special account, and Agent shall not be obligated to pay Guest interest on any funds received.

INDEMNITY/HOLD HARMLESS: Guest shall indemnify Agent and the owner of the premises and hold them harmless on account of property damage, personal injury, or other financial loss, caused by Guest or other occupants of the premises. Guest/Occupant must exercise their own judgment when selecting unit. Guests with special needs of any kind should inspect the accommodation prior to making a reservation or paying a deposit. Guest covenants and agrees that: 1) They are fully aware of the risks and potential hazards of travel to and lodging in Ocean City including but not limited to the risk from pathogens and virus. They accept the same and hold the agent and owner harmless. 2) It is the Guest's sole responsibility to be familiar with the best practices to prevent the spread of contagion and they further warrant and guarantee that all guests occupying the premise are free from disease, do not have a temperature, and have not been exposed to an illness in the past 14 days. If the property provides access to or use of a boat slip the following terms and conditions will apply. 1) You must provide a copy of your liability insurance policy that covers the boat. 2) You further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the property owner and Holiday Real Estate, Inc. for any loss or liability caused to the property, the boat slip or any person arising out of the operation of the boat.

BEACH REPLENISHMENT: The Town of Ocean City, the State of Maryland and the Army Corps of Engineers maintain the beach through a replenishment program. Occasional and unexpected inconveniences may result. No refunds will be given.

AGREEMENT: This agreement constitutes the entire agreement and no other oral, implied or inferred representations, agreements or promises have been made by agent or owner unless expressly stated herein.